Blazej Pruszczynski, MD, PhD | Clubfoot Clinic
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Clubfoot Clinic

Clubfoot is a congenital defect of a lower limb. It manifests itself in a deformity of a foot:
plantar flexion, supination and adduction. It occurs in 1:1000 newborn babies. It can be diagnosed in the second trimester of pregnancy during ultrasonography examination, the
treatment is started after birth, in the first weeks of life.
The technique of treatment according to Ponseti consists of 3 stages:

1. application of a series of plaster casts
2. Achilles tenotomy (in the majority of cases)
3. the use of a derotation brace together with shoes (ortheses) up to the age of 4-5.

The treatment with the use of a series of plaster casts should be started within the first weeks after birth, preferably within the first two ones. The stages of application of plaster casts concentrate on derotation of a foot, they are changed every 7 days (sometimes every 5 days) and their number depends, among others, on how serious the defect is, on the stiffness of a foot and on the child’s general condition. While the plaster casts are being applied, the patient happens to be nervous and anxious, because his limb needs to be kept in one position and because of a multitude of people around. At this time it is advisable to make a child concentrate on something different and to divert child’s attention away. A plaster cast is being applied by a doctor and medical assistance. The parents are involved in this activity. Their role is to calm the child down and to support his shoulders and head, if necessary. Almost all children will need Achilles tenotomy in order to correct the position of the heel bone. After
such a surgery the limb is again immobilized for three weeks. The last stage of the treatment is the use of a derotation brace according to a special scheme up to the age of 4-5. In case of recurrence of the deformity, it is recommended to start the treatment with
application of a series of plaster casts once again and only after that to consider other forms of treatment.
In May 2018 I opened Clubfoot Clinic – one special day in the Clinic dedicated exclusively tothe patients with clubfoot. It will be the place, where the patients with this deformity will be
attended in a comprehensive way:

– consultations
– application of plaster casts
– fitting of ortheses

The clinic was created on the basis of models and experiences of the American and European clinics, in which I was trained. The parents of children at different stages of treatment will have an opportunity to meet and to share their experiences and comments. The children with clubfoot will have a chance to meet other people and to see that they are not the only ones who suffer from this illness. The adult patients are also welcomed.

Clubfoot Clinic – a clinic dedicated for the patients with clubfoot -will be opened on Mondays, Querqus Medical Center, ul. Tymienieckiego 20, 90-349 Łódź, Phone: +48 509 426 304, e-mail: